5 Food Groups: What They are and the Foods Included

Every time you go shopping, it can be overwhelming because there is always so much food to choose from. For some people, that’s part of the fun of going to the grocery store – exploring new items and trying them out. For others, it’s such a daunting task that they don’t shop at all. It is helpful to know what foods are included in different food groups so you can plan your day accordingly.

What are the Food Groups?

The food groups are carbohydrates, proteins, dairy, nuts and seeds, and vegetables. The foods included in each group are breads, cereals, rice, pasta, potatoes, sugar-free candy for the carbohydrates group; breads and cereals for the grains group; dairy products for the dairy group; fruits for the fruit group; nuts and seeds for the nuts and seeds group; and vegetables for the vegetables group.

The GM Food Group

The GM Food Group is a new concept introduced in the UK and US. It was designed to help families choose healthy foods that have low levels of genetically modified ingredients or GMOs. The GM Food Group consists of five food groups: the Fat, Salt, Sugar, Eat-More-Carbs, and the GM-Free Foods.

The Dairy Food Group

The Dairy food group is made up of milk, cheese, yogurt, and butter. This food group can be found in our diet in many different ways. Dairy foods are a great source of calcium, protein, and vitamin D. They are also fat-free which means that you can reduce your daily intake of saturated fat by eating dairy products.

The Meat and Fish Food Group

The meat and fish food group contains all proteins from animals, including beef, pork, poultry, seafood, etc. These foods provide iron, protein, vitamins D and B-12 for the body. If you are new to a diet such as this one where you are eating a lot of meat and fish, you may need to have vitamin B-12 supplements or check with your doctor about them if you do not get it in your diet.

The Plant Foods Food Group

The Plant Foods Group basically consists of vegetables and fruits. Vegetables are the most common food that is included in the group, however there are some fruit exceptions. For example, apples, bananas and oranges are considered fruits, but their inclusion in this group is controversial.

Other Variations on the 5 Food Groups

The food groups are proteins, vegetables, fruits, dairy products and grains. There are many variations on these groups that we often include in our diet. Some of these include low-fat dairy, low-fat meat and poultry, low-carbohydrate vegetables and fruits and unprocessed grains.

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