Are You Suffering From Binge Eating Disorder?

Everyone has heard the phrase “diet and exercise go hand-in-hand.” Many people believe that dieting and exercise can help them overcome binge eating disorder or other eating disorders. But what happens when your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to fit into a workout routine? If you’re struggling with binge eating, schedule a consultation with your physician to discuss treatment options.

What Is Binge Eating Disorder?

Binge eating disorder is a psychological or behavioral syndrome that is characterized by recurrent episodes of out-of-control eating, often in response to emotional triggers. Binge eating disorder was considered a subtype of bulimia nervosa until 2013 when it was recognized as a unique disorder in its own right.

How Does Binge Eating Disorder Affect My Life?

Binge Eating Disorder affects a person’s life in many different ways and it can be difficult to cope with the impact that it has on every aspect of their life. From the weight gain, to the relationship they have with food, to the embarrassment they feel, it can be hard to remain strong in the face of BED. The best way for someone suffering from this disorder to get better is to identify what triggers them and then find ways around those triggers so that they don’t have as much control over their actions.

Three Foods to Avoid and Why

Binge eating is when a person engages in episodes of overeating to the point where it causes physical or psychological harm. The most common types of binge eating disorder are bulimia, anorexia, and binge-purge disorder.

How to Get Help

As more and more people find themselves struggling with binge eating disorder, the need for help is desperate. The first step to getting help is admitting you have a problem. Once you’ve accomplished this, there are steps you can take to treat your condition.


Binge eating disorder is a real issue that many people are suffering from. Unfortunately, there have not been many studies on binge eaters, but if you struggle with bingeing and food addiction, then there is a good chance that you are suffering from this serious mental illness.

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