Get Involved With Women’s Reproductive Rights

Recently, the abortion debate was reignited in America. In the past few weeks, a lot of organizations and people have gotten back out into the open to discuss more about what women are going through with their reproductive rights. The topic has been a tough one for society and as a result, not everyone is willing to speak up.

How does a woman’s reproductive rights affect their lives?

Whether they are a woman who is pregnant, has a new job, or starting a family, the decisions women make in their lives often have to be made with the help of their reproductive health. Women’s reproductive rights can affect everything from when and whether they have control over their bodies to how much money they have for themselves or any children they may have.

What is Reproductive Rights?

Reproductive Rights are the rights that women have to decide how they want to give their child life. This can include the right to choose to not have a child, the right to stay pregnant, and the right to choose what method of birth control is used.

Woman’s Health in the United States

Women’s Reproductive Rights is a term that can be broadly defined. This blog helps people learn what the term means and how they can get involved in the movements.

The Right to Abortions

This is the blog of the Right to Life Action Committee, a group that seeks to protect and advance the rights of women in connection with pregnancy and abortion. The blog informs readers about where to go for help and assistance in their local communities when it comes to reproductive justice issues.

Reproductive Rights Issues in the World Today

Many countries across the world have made strides in promoting reproductive rights, but many still lag behind. Fifty years ago, there was just one abortion clinic in the United States. Through much activism and perseverance, that number has grown to over 4,000 clinics today. However, there is still much work to be done. Many places worldwide are still extremely limited on how they can practice their reproductive rights.


Women’s rights to reproductive health are under attack in the United States. There are numerous organizations that support women with their reproductive needs, including Planned Parenthood. They provide affordable forms of birth control and abortions, as well as other services such as annual healthcare and advice on sexual health. The fight for women’s rights is a growing movement in the United States.

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