The Top 5 Signs You Have Anxiety

Anxiety and stress are two different things that don’t always happen together. Anxiety is the fear and worry about what will happen in the future, while stress is the series of events that causes it. Sometimes people confuse the terms anxiety and stress, which can make it more difficult to know how to deal with them. This article breaks down 5 signs of anxiety and some ways you might combat against it.

What Are The Symptoms of Anxiety?

Anxiety is a feeling of dread, fear, and impending doom that most people experience at some point in their life. It can be caused by many things such as work related stress, family issues, or even just feeling too much pressure at one time. Symptoms of anxiety can range from excessive worry to feelings of physical tension. Sometimes they are little while other symptoms may seem like they are interfering with everyday life.

Stage 1 Facing Reality

In the beginning, anxiety is a mental battle. It can be a tough fight, one that’s full of stress and overwhelming feelings. This can make it hard to know when you’re actually experiencing anxiety and when you’re doing something more automatic. Here are five signs that you might have an anxiety disorder:

1) You avoid relationships

2) You’re not fully engaged in your work life

3) You feel afraid of everything

4) Sugar makes you anxious

5) You doubt your self-worth

Stage 2 Let’s Talk About Anxiety

The first stage of anxiety is fear, which is why it can be difficult to identify. The second stage of anxiety is worrying about the symptoms, which are thought to be a sign of a real problem you’re going through. Stage three is when you feel like you’re out of control, and stage four is when reality just isn’t good enough.

Stage 3 Fear, Panic Attacks, and Agoraphobia

If you feel like your heart is racing, you might have anxiety. Also, if you’re constantly on guard and have a difficult time concentrating, then you may also have anxiety. In order to reduce anxiety for good, experts recommend seeking professional help.

Stage 4 Recovery

There are many signs that can indicate if someone has anxiety. The most important sign is a persistent fear of something and the fear is severe enough to make you avoid going places or doing things. Other signs include constant worry or feeling on edge, having trouble sleeping, and being easily startled.


After reading this article, it’s possible to see that anxiety is a serious condition that significantly affects the lives of many people. It also helps to know what signs might indicate you have anxiety.

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