When Women’s Health Is In Question

Women’s health is something that everyone is familiar with – but what are the concerns in today’s world? Are they still relevant? Is there a way to make sure that your health is being taken care of without a doctor? What’s more, how can women ensure their health if they don’t have insurance or access to healthcare? Let this article enlighten you and answer these questions!

Women’s Health under Attack

While the US government spends billions of dollars on research, recent studies show there is a lack of federal funding for female health. The National Institutes of Health has not awarded any grants for women’s health over the past 15 years. This has led to huge budget problems and researchers are concerned that without the funding, women will be left behind in medical research.

Yes, There Is A War On Women

The American Health Care Act (AHCA), which is the proposed replacement of Obamacare, places women’s health in jeopardy by allowing states to decide what insurers can charge for coverage and what benefits they can offer. The AHCA also cuts funds for Planned Parenthood, a crucial provider of women’s healthcare.

Is The War On Women Justified?

In the past ten years, a shift has occurred in American society that has led to many women becoming more inclined to openly discuss topics of sexuality and emotional health. The government is now taking note, and they are responding with a law that seeks to protect women from violence and harassment. Though this law was meant to be a step in the right direction for women’s rights, some argue that it takes away their freedom of speech.

What is the real cost of not getting women’s health care?

Some women may not be aware of the financial burden they are placing on themselves and their families by not getting check-ups or routine health treatment. They may be unaware that they could be costing themselves time as well as money if they avoid medical care. It is important for women to stay healthy so that they can have a long, productive life and enjoy other aspects of life like spending time with friends, participating in sports, or traveling.

Why Does The Treatment of Women’s Health Matter?

Women’s health has always been a topic of concern for people, but in recent years, it seems to have become a more significant issue. Pregnancy in this day and age is not taken lightly, and women are starting to take better care of their bodies than ever before.


When women’s health is in question, it should be a woman to decide. It is often they who have to make the hard decisions as to what their physical and mental health entails. However, such decisions are not always easy to take or even know how to take care of yourself when certain questions remain.

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